Compare Dr. Filchak, Optometrist to the “big guys.” You can get everything here… professional eye exams, the latest in lens technology, and cutting edge eyewear fashions from all the hottest designers. But there is one thing that you can only get at Dr. Filchak, Optometrist, and that’s Dr. Filchak himself. Dr. Filchak sees every patient personally, and makes himself available by appointment on short notice. In fact, if you call for an appointment today, you will probably be seen by Dr. Filchak this week!

There is something very old fashioned about a visit to Dr. Filchak… personal care and true one-on-one customer service. If you can't imagine a friendly, caring staff of professionals at the eye doctor's office, then come to Dr. Filchak.

"Personal eyecare for the entire family,
by the doctor whose name is on the practice."

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